Bridal Beauty Checklist

9-12 months before your wedding

•SCHEDULING: Contact a bridal coordinator to schedule your bridal services. If you're interested in our NEW on-site bridal services, they should be scheduled in this timeframe!
•SCHEDULING: Encourage your wedding party to schedule their appointments, too.

6-9 months before your wedding

•SKINCARE: Begin a skincare treatment and hair removal program with your esthetician.
•HAIR: Discuss your hairstyle, color, and length goals with your hair professional for your big day.
•NAILS: Begin a manicure nail treatment regimen to ensure the strength of your natural nails.

3-6 months before your wedding

•HAIR: Begin conditioning treatments on damaged hair and continue until your big day.
•WAXING: Start a waxing regimen to prepare for your big day in advanced.

3-4 weeks before your wedding

•HAIR: Receive haircut & design, if your hair is longer.
•NAILS: Start a manicure regimen to get your hands looking fabulous for your big day.
•EVENT: Host a "beauty shower" with friends and family.
•HAIR/MAKEUP: Receive practice wedding day hair design and makeup application. Don't forget your camera and veil!

1-2 weeks before your wedding

•HAIR: Receive a color refresher, highlights, or cut & blowout
•NAILS: Receive manicure treatment.
•SKINCARE: Receive a Refresher Facial
•WAX: Schedule any waxing services you may need.

1-2 days before your wedding

•MASSAGE: Relax with a soothing Relaxation Massage.
•NAILS: OPI Polish or manicure and pedicure.
•WAXING: Finish with any wax you may need to be perfect for your big day.

On your wedding day

•EVENT: Unwind with your wedding party and prepare for your big day with a hair design, makeup application and polish touch-up. Wear a button-down shirt to preserve your finished look.

Contact to a bridal coordinator at 337.474.3030 or email us at

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